Special Appointees
This section describes Special Appointees of our Regiment.
In keeping with the Association objectives to promote morale and high esprit de corps among members of our Regiment, the Association
participates with the active battalions in a program of special appointees. In addition to recommending nominees for appointment as the Honorary
Colonel of the Regiment and the Honorary Sergeant Major of the Regiment, our Association may recognize deserving individuals for their
accomplishments by recommending them for appointment as Distinguished Members of the Regiment or Honorary Members of the Regiment. The
primary mission of these special appointees is to perpetuate the history and traditions of our Regiment, thereby enhancing unit morale and esprit.
The description and procedures for nomination are shown below.
Distinguished Members of Our Regiment. Persons appointed to these positions are recognized for outstanding accomplishments in service to
our Nation, our Army or our Regiment. An example would be a prior soldier of the Regiment recognized for his accomplishments while serving with
the Regiment. Another would be a distinguished member of the civilian community who formerly served in our Regiment. Yet another would be a
former member of our Regiment who significantly contributes support to our Association and the active Battalions.
Honorary Members of Our Regiment. This position is designed to recognize individuals who have made a significant contribution or provided a
service to our Regiment, but who are not and have not been assigned as a member of our Regiment. Recognition of Active Army, Reserve
Component, or retired soldiers, their spouses, and civilians is appropriate.
Nomination and Approval.  Any member may submit nominations for the positions above. Nominations should be sent to the Association
Secretary at the Secretary's address found on Page 2 of the current issue of The Dragon.

Nominations will be reviewed and consolidated by the Board of Trustees for submission to the Advisory Board consisting of the Honorary Colonel,
Honorary Sergeant Major and Active Duty Battalion Commanders.  The nominations are then sent to the Chief of Infantry for approval and
preparation of proper certificates.