Distinguished Members
This section recognizes distinguished members for their contributions and service to our Regiment.
The Distinguished Members of the Regiment provide a link between our history and today's soldiers.The primary mission of these
appointees is to perpetuate the history and traditions of our Regiment, thereby enhancing our unit morale and esprit de corps.
Maurice W. Kendall
James G. Boatner
John T. Burke
Clayton L. Craig
Jerry Cunningham
Michael J. Daly
Addison D. Davis
Robert L. Hawkins
Martin A. Markley
William J. McCaffrey
Ola L. Mize
Whitney P. Mullen
Jerome Sapiro
John B. Shirley
Billy E. Wells, Jr.
Jared Bates
John W. Charlton
Stephen M. Twitty
Henry H. Burke
Timothy R. Stoy
Richard R. Guimond
Thomas Twomey, Jr.
Gary Brito
Michael J. Horn
Ed Dojutrek
Gary E. Luck
Lloyd Whitmer
Leonard Stegman
John K. Singlaub
Wilber A. Sidney
    Mark T. Baker