The 15th Infantry Regiment Association

Dedicated to the members of the 15th Infantry Regiment
--past, present, and future

Celebrating 155 years of continuous service to our Army
The 15th Infantry traces our official Army lineage to the 1st Battalion, 15th Infantry constituted on 3 May 1861 by
General Order Number 33.  See our
history and visit one of the battlefields on which the Regulars served from 1862
to 1864 in the Army of the Cumberland.
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Objectives Of Our Association

To perpetuate and foster the history and traditions of the Regiment.
To provide opportunities for uniting past and present members of the Regiment into a close and cooperative alliance.
To promote morale and high esprit de corps among members of the Regiment.
To acquire and maintain a repository of Regimental historical memorabilia.
To assist in the maintenance of monuments dedicated to the 15th Infantry Regimental units.
3rd Battalion Returns from Ukraine Deployment
The soldiers of the 3rd Battalion at Fort Stewart continue to return from their deployments to the Ukraine
and the Horn of Africa. Posted to the
Photogallery page are pictures from the 10 July 2016 flight that
recently arrived from the Ukraine. Family members and others attended a welcoming ceremony on a
great Fort Stewart day. Check back for more
photos from more flights.
15th Infantry Regimental Dinner in Harrisburg, PA----- 23 September 2016
The Association once again hosted our annual Regimental Dinner on 23 September 2016. This year the
event was held at the Best Western Center City in Harrisburg, PA.  The dinner was open to everyone. It was
a great evening of reflection on our history, entertainment, and reminiscences. As always this was an
excellent opportunity to visit with old friends and buddies and to make new acquaintances. Check back
soon for photos.